Release the Tension From Your Body

Soothe your tired muscles through massage

Does your body feel tense and strained? A massage from River Run Day Spa can help.

Our team performs Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, prenatal and trigger point massages, all customized to your body's needs. Our therapeutic massages include manipulation of soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. Your provider can do a lighter pressure for a relaxing massage or a harder pressure for a deep tissue massage. The choice is yours.

Looking for even more from your massage? You can choose from several add-ons. Eco-fin hand and foot treatments include the use of a natural, petroleum-free alternative to paraffin. Hot stone add-ons ease muscle tension and increase circulation and metabolism. Finally, aromatherapy promotes relaxation.

Visit River Run Day Spa today to treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage.

We have massage options that fit every schedule

We have massage options that fit every schedule

Are you looking for a long-lasting experience or trying to fit a quick massage in between appointments and errands? Either way, we have options for you. Our treatments and prices include:

$40 30-minute therapeutic massage
$70 60-minute therapeutic massage
$95 90-minute therapeutic massage
$130 120-minute therapeutic massage
$40 Foot and leg massage
$10 Hot stone add-on
$5 Aromatherapy add-on
$25 Eco-fin hand and foot add-on
$25 Hand or foot reflexology

Find out more about our massage services now by calling 208-344-5411.