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Does your skin need some TLC? Your skin is your body's largest organ-it's important to take care of it. River Run Day Spa can revitalize your skin through our customized facial treatments. Everyone has unique skin issues. That's why we offer a wide variety of options.

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Find the best solutions for your skin

Find the best solutions for your skin

Which treatment is best for you? You can browse our treatment options and prices:

$65 River Run Custom Signature Facial - our esthetician will create a custom treatment using combination of products to treat your skin

$55 Gentleman's Facial - we'll deep clean and exfoliate your face using products designed for men's skin

$75 Acne Facial - our esthetician will perform necessary extractions and use products designed to treat acne

$65 Teen Acne Facial - this facial uses the same techniques as our adult acne facial to allow young people to get the clear skin they've always wanted

$40 Express Facial - this treatment includes products with power active ingredients to get the job done quickly (this facial does not include a massage or peel)

$55 Bacial (Back Facial) - this is a relaxing, exfoliating treatment for the back

$85 Bacial with Microdermabrasion - this relaxing treatment treats back acne effectively

$75 Microdermabrasion - we'll use gentle diamond tip wands to remove skin build-up and promote faster cellular turnover (this treatment is most effective when repeated three to five times)

$75 - $95 Chemical Peel - we'll choose a peel that's ideal for you to even out your skin tone, improve texture and reduce acne (this treatment is most effective in series of three to six)

$90 O2 Lift Enzyme Peel - this luxurious skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated

$125 O2 Lift Enzyme Peel with Micro - you can get all the benefits of an enzyme peel plus deeper product penetration and better results through added microdermabrasion

$85 Dermaplaning - we'll remove dead skin and vellus hair using a surgical blade to make your skin smooth and soft

$115 Dermaplaning with Mask and Express Facial - you can add a mask and facial after your dermaplaning treatment for enhanced results

$125 Dermaplaning with Enzyme/Chemical Peel - you can add an enzyme or chemical peel to your dermaplaning treatment to improve product penetration and results

$200 Microneedling - also called collagen induction therapy, this procedure rejuvenates skin through controlled trauma with fine needles

$230 Microneedling with Growth Factors - this treatment uses four potent peptides and a proprietary blend of organic proteins to activate cellular turnover

$250 Dermaplaning with Microneedling - combining these two treatments enhances their effects for beautiful skin

$150 Nano Infusion Facial - this treatment creates thousands of microchannels on the top layer of the skin as the topical product is driven in to plump problem areas (add on dermaplaning for an additional $25)

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